Utilities & Energy

The most up-to-date solutions in IoT technology will be at your disposal to help you reorganise your operations and have real-time visibility of your whole grid. Our next generation IoT solutions provide an easy-to-use, efficient alternative catering to your utility grid connectivity requirements. Sabse’s dedicated IoT network offers you inexpensive solutions that work well with all kinds of utility management operations. They will help you trim down expensive on-site meter readings, avoid needless maintenance visits, keep tabs on water supply and wastewater networks, get data in real time on storage tank levels as well as perform surveys of electrical poles remotely.

Easy collection of consumption data

Manually checking meter readings and processing information on water, electricity and gas will be made redundant. After the connected meters are activated they instantly begin sending out information over the Sabse public network and don’t require any configuration or pairing. They can run for years without needing a battery change. It is also easy to keep a track of facilities in real time and catch leaks and malfunctions quickly. Service providers can introduce automation in the process of billing and can activate as well as deactivate their services remotely.

Visits on-site only for repair and maintenance

Operations at any type of solar or wind energy setups can now be monitored in a simple and affordable way. Real-time sensors that are observed remotely can identify any unusual; decrease or failure in energy efficiency. This information will be instantly accessible from any device connected to the internet and alert notifications can also be received via SMS or email.

Keeping back-up power on track

A battery back-up supply that can be counted on in crunch time is essential as it carries the load in the event there is a failure in the main power source. But in the unfortunate scenario the back-up battery also fails, what happens then? It would lead to a total breakdown in service. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about such a thing, as IoT solutions help companies keep better track of their back-up power supply than ever before. With immediate access to the status of all the power back-up sources, maintenance staff can schedule and efficiently perform remote analysis and get instant updates in case of any significant occurrence.

Taking stock optimally

At the moment, companies generally rely on manual checking to ascertain stock level. This process is not only resource intensive in terms of time and money but also proves unproductive. IoT offers affordable solutions for precisely keeping track of tanks remotely. This helps keep your storage facilities performing at an optimal level for your company.

Checking on electricity poles

Electrical poles may end up tilting due to turbulence in wind, vehicular accidents, and strong earth movements. This may result in mechanical tension and cables breaking. In order to stop the pole from falling down completely, it is critical to swiftly find out the source of the problem and perform repair work. Measurements remotely taken at regular intervals by IoT devices help in conducting precautionary maintenance work, and alert notifications go out if an electrical pole has tilted majorly. Maintenance staff will be in a better position to quickly detect where vital repair work is required and do so before the pole can fall.

Simple remote monitoring of water infrastructure

You can get essential information on vital water facilities’ conditions through IoT sensors. This data proves useful in increasing the efficiency of the maintenance staff and avoiding flooding and breakdowns. With great simplicity you can now remotely evaluate water levels, Ph, turbidity, salinity, flow, pressure, ORP, etc to monitor the supply of drinking water, avoid overflows, and keep tabs on the wastewater network and treatment processes.