Supply Chain Management & Logistics

With Sabse-enabled IoT devices, the obstacles posed by traditional tracking are a thing of the past. Watch it transform the process of tracking and security of your prized assets. Smart logistics solutions provide better protection to keep your warehouses and fleet of vehicles secure, offering your transport and logistics business an edge over competition.

So switching to a leaner and more connected supply chain system makes tracking and security of valued assets a breeze but does it cost a fortune? No, cast that worry aside! Sabse’s dedicated IoT network brings you inexpensive, innovative and adaptable solutions that give you a comprehensive real time look into the supply chain. Whether the mode of transport be air, land or sea; you can now effortlessly check on the condition and location of your goods.

Asset tracking to enhance supply chain management

Tracking your assets now comes at a low cost with the added relief that you can enjoy worldwide availability and the ease of a simple installation and maintenance. Our reliable tracking devices can be counted on to work indoors as well as outdoors and run for months to years without requiring replacement of battery. Trackers will transmit location information from fleets of returnable containers, important data on the whereabouts of other deliveries that include pallets, parcels and trolleys.
Keep tabs on transport conditions all through supply chain

When it comes to medicines and agri-food, a great deal of attention has to go into ensuring that specified conditions are met so as not to affect their viability. Tracking systems monitor and provide information on factors such as temperature, shocks and tilts to give a better view into accountability and quality control. They help make sure that sensitive goods are delivered on time without compromising safety or quality.
Catering to issues affecting food safety

In the food industry it is essential to see to it that food temperature is monitored. We can make ensuring keen observance of food safety procedures. This will be achieved by precise monitoring of temperatures in food storage facilities, refrigerated containers and trucks. A device fitted in the storage unit is connected to an online dashboard that can be configured to send alerts in case of irregular fluctuations in temperature so that corrective measures are activated.
Vital boost to warehouse security

Securing your facility with Sabse comes inexpensively while eliminating primary issues that plague alarm systems such as downtime caused by jamming and power supply. Generally security alarms are connected via the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), unfortunately GSM jammers are easily available and virtually anyone can use them to aid in their break in. Created on the base of radio technology, Sabse enjoys immunity from jammers. Our focus on low energy consumption helps ensure our connected detectors can go for months or years without the need for battery replacement. So you can rest easy knowing your alarm system will not fail you in the event an intruder tries jamming its signal and don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries either.
Speedy Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

Vehicle thieves using GSM jammers to evade detection will find themselves at a disadvantage due to Sabse IoT trackers. Sabse IoT tap into radio signals which cannot be jammed, the trackers in the Vehicle will keep transmitting its GPS co-ordinates without disruption even if it has been stolen. Sabse-enabled trackers enable insurance companies to work in collaboration with police and security providers to recover stolen vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, lorries among others.