Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things has enabled buildings to contribute to the smart conversation. Sabse’s dedicated IoT network drives solutions that guide building systems toward peak optimization; transforming them with better connectivity. Collect real-time data analytics on integrity of infrastructure, pest management, refuse collection, and more. You can effortlessly keep a check on building systems, monitor usage of heavy machinery and boost security with the help of wireless, plug-and-play device-based solutions. This next generation of Sabse-enabled IoT solutions is cheaper and more adaptable than earlier versions of connectivity technology.

Monitoring construction equipment to prevent theft and improve efficiency

Construction firms can curb burglary, increase efficiency and reduce operation expenses by taking advantage of real-time tracking and cloud computing. When machinery and important equipment like electrical panels from sites are stolen it results in avoidable, heavy expenses. Investing in effective security for equipment can serve to discourage thieves who are planning to strike. In case theft has taken place, tracking data will help law enforcement find the stolen equipment and collect evidence to pursue legal action. Additionally, monitoring heavy equipment will afford managers the benefit of clarity by helping them track usage and inefficiencies.
Secure construction sites with ease and affordability

At construction sites, CCTVs and alarm systems prove to be time-intensive for configuration and a pricey affair for installation. Due to this they are not considered a viable option for several job sites, more so if they happen to be sites with many buildings, for short-term projects or where power availability is a problem. Linked to Sabse’s IoT Global network, the next generation of wireless alarm systems use the aid of presence detection sensors and is ideal for early-stage projects and sections of construction sites that have not been provided power connections yet. These alarm rely only on battery power and can be placed anywhere at the site.
Increased security for valuable assets

Secure the costly assets on your building sites through IoT solutions. Reduce likelihood of theft or damage in electrical panels by opting for connected ones that are tracked. These rely on motion detection; the panel generates a notification request which is sent to the electrical contractor through the Sabse Global IoT network. When motion is detected, it will also activate GPS tracking, location data is crucial to the police in finding stolen assets and to crackdown on black market groups.
Alert notifications for smoke or fire

It is important but time and labour-intensive to check and maintain fire safety equipment. Also, sometimes there aren’t enough people or around or they may not pay heed to alerts sounded by traditional smoke detectors. Smoke detectors that are connected to the Sabse network can provide instant alert notifications, battery charge level and keep-alive status. These solutions will enable security firms to streamline operations, improve safety, increase response rate to emergency situations, keep current and win over new ones.
Stronger security alarm system with back-up

Smart security solutions using Sabse’s Global IoT network do not suffer from vulnerabilities to GSM jamming. They can also help increase the reliability of alarm system and responsibility of security staff. These smart solutions support your current security system and deliver affordable but effective protection.
Building automation system infrastructure made easy and affordable

Hassle-free Sabse-Ready sensors can set up all around the site in no time and track HVAC, light, security, boilers, fire, and power. You can also track and regulate operational factors such as temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, door openings, and occupancy. Lifts, escalators and other such heavy machinery can also have sensors installed to prompt quick attention to issues like breakdowns. IoT sensors can also help in detection of water leaks and legionella. An added benefit is that the battery of these sensors can go for years without needing a change.
Rodent control

Rodents are not only harmful as they spread several diseases but are also the primary reason behind causing hazardous situations like electrical fires. Rodent infestations can negatively affect customer experiences and brand reputation. Rodents are partially blind and depend on smelling and touching their surroundings to move. This make setting up only traps, fruitless as rodents learn to dodge foreign objects while scavenging for food. With IoT, infrared sensors can track rodent movements to detect locations where rodent activity is concentrated and with the aid of this information pest management can catch up to 6 times as many rats as before.
Service at the push of a button

Just pushing simple button devices that are connected to the Sabse IoT Global network make it possible for facilities managers to efficiently decrease expenses, meet client needs and provide customers with an excellent experience. If stock levels are low and need to be refilled, or a facility requires maintenance, the client only needs to push a button. An alert notification will transmitted through the Sabse network through the facility manager’s dashboard, who will then assign the task. As time progresses, information can be utilized to anticipate alerts and meet requirements more efficiently. Quick service will bring back happy customers.
Smart workspaces

The emergence of trends such as home offices, flex offices and co-working has influenced how workspaces are managed. Smart desk monitoring solutions that rely on infrared technology and temperature sensors enable mapping and keeping track of occupancy rates in your office space (work desks and meeting rooms) and help accommodate new modes of working. You can efficiently manage available space and repurpose or rent it out.