Retail & Hospitality

Most successful retail and hospitality businesses invest a great deal in and pride themselves on strong customer/guest engagement and satisfaction levels. Take positive customer experiences to the next level by opting for cost-effective and easy-to-use Sabse-enabled IoT solutions that deploy the latest technology for the retail and hospitality sector. They will link you to every part of your retail chains, hotels or restaurants. You can also rely on Sabse’s dedicated IoT network to boost older versions of connectivity-based technology. Remotely collect and analyze real-time data on food safety controls, customer/guest experience, asset tracking and more.

Smart ordering at your fingertips

Treat your guests to the comforts of a VIP service starting with a smart button. At the push of a smart button, a callback request or service request will be triggered and make queuing up for services redundant. This will also make it provide a seamless experience while replenishing depleted stock and placing orders for food, consumer goods and more. Smooth and quick order process for guests and the company.
Smart buttons for smart mail

More efficient postal services and happier customers are a smart button away. Mailboxes can be fitted with a smart button, the push of which will send notifications to the mailman that there are packages to pick up and dispatch. They will have a better idea of how many packages have to be collected on that particular day and can organize their pickup route more
Keep better tabs on transport conditions

Customers can get understandably get annoyed or disappointed upon receiving damaged products. It may end up reflecting poor service and negatively impact your brand’s relationship with the customer, which has been painstakingly built over time. It may also add to expenses of replacements and reshipping. Unfortunately, goods may suffer damage at many points on their journey to the customer. Earlier it was not possible to track goods through the entire supply chain. Fret no more, better tracking for transport conditions is here. Monitoring systems will provide information on factors such as location, humidity, temperature, shock and tilt thus giving a clearer understanding of the traceability, quality control practices and accountability limitations.
Asset tracking

Sabse’s upgraded tracking technology will toss away your worry of assigning staff to mind shopping baskets and carts. With stress-free installation, simple maintenance, cost-effectiveness and worldwide operations; you can now rest easy when it comes to asset tracking. The devices deployed for tracking can work either indoors or outdoors and for months or years without a battery change.