Manufacturing Industry

Let’s usher in a wave of transformations by utilizing the potential of data combined with the next generation of IoT based solutions created for manufacturing industry by Sabse’s dedicated IoT network. IoT based solutions can benefit the manufacturing industry by helping reduce costs incurred, getting a clearer understanding, and organising operations. Remotely monitor real time data on everything concerning your facility such as dipping tan levels, power backups and consumption-related data. This works on plug-and-play devices that connect smoothly with current machinery thereby providing simple, adaptable and affordable solutions.

Higher efficiency in processes by going digital

With the possibility to monitor myriad metrics such as pressure, vibration, temperature, humidity, switches and voltage, it is imperative that your manufacturing industry takes the leap to Industry 4.0. The massive changes brought about by Industry 4.0 have made it so convenient for your industry to not only monitor these metrics but also detect openings, leaks, battery charge, current, tilt, flood in pipes and equipment and much more with the help of a variety of connected sensors. This will enable your manufacturing industry to leverage the power of data in all aspects.
Updates when tank levels dip

Many important materials such as gas and grain require us to keep a constant watch, involving manual checks. With the help of silos you can now get notifications such as tanks running low necessitating refills on a real time basis remotely.
Getting a clearer picture on the state of the facility

Constantly keeping a track of the state of your facility infrastructure can help in maintaining and improving them in a more timely and organised way. Your organisation can detect damages to the building by measuring cracks, strain gauges or extensions on vital structural elements.
Hasslefree data on consumption

An enormous amount of time and money is spent on meter readings processing data manually. It is now possible to bring a halt to the amount of resources we consume in performing these daily tasks. With the help of connected meters, data is transmitted over Sabse's public network. They get down to business as soon as they are activated without the need of any pairing or configuration, and can work on the same battery for years together.
Check-up on back up

You can easily monitor the charge status of your back-up power because of linked sensors. Check-up on charge of any battery even electric vehicle ones.
Check on employee attendance remotely with ease

Keeping a track of the attendance of employees working in remote locations is now easier due to clocks linked to the Internet via Sabse’s Global IoT network.
Dump trash check duties

The trash level in the dumpster does not need monitoring anymore. The waste collection service will be notified of the fill level automatically to generate a waste collection request. To improve safety, one can also opt to add a temperature sensor and fire alarm.
Updates on damages in pipes

Nip the hazards of leaky or ruptured pipes in the bud. They pose danger to people, harm to the environment and important materials. To provide warnings of potential leakages or ruptures, a vibrating strain gauge, pressure and temperature sensors will be fitted on the pipes. Alert notifications will reach you in time placing you in a better position to avert situations getting out of hand.