Insurance Sector

Why limit yourself to dispensation of damage claims when you can help you customers prevent the loss in the first place? This is the question that the insurance industry mulls over today. Sabse’s dedicated IoT network brings you a brilliant answer with the next generation of security solutions to address the shortcomings of older technology without affecting affordability. Keep pace with the changing times by adopting innovative solutions that use smart tools powered by the latest technology. Better security for homes and companies with security alarms systems that are not vulnerable to GSM jammers. Help increase reaction time to unfortunate emergencies such as fires through connected smoke detectors. Strong tracking will assist in finding vehicles that have been stolen.

Fortify your security alarm system with better connectivity

Residential security alarm systems have become a simple target for robbers as these systems are usually connected by the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) to a central alerting system, and GSM signal jammers are now easily available online. With Sabse you can enjoy peace of mind knowing back-up connectivity is in place to make sure alarms will be sent to the security companies in case the GSM is jammed.
Real-time alerts on fires through linked smoke detectors

In the tragic occurrence of a fire, smoke detectors play a crucial role in saving lives. IoT-connected smoke detectors send relevant data by the Sabse network and can provide instant alert notifications. These notifications can go out through phone call, SMS or email to inform the property owner of the failure in smoke detectors, or to the concerned security firm to check on the smoke detection. Through the installation of smoke detectors, reaction time to fires can be improved and such insurance claims are likely to decrease.
Remotely detect water leaks in real time

Identify water leaks at any point in the plumbing system with the help of IoT thermic flow solutions. In case there is a water leak, an instant alert notification will go out to the property owner on the provided cellphone number and email address. Swift detection and notification of water leaks may help curb the extent of water damage and resulting insurance claims.