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There is a popular misconception that smart home technology is limited to music systems and voice-activated services such as ordering food or products, but it goes much beyond this. Connected, security systems and fire alarms that run on Sabse protect your family. With systems for remote water leak detection and rodent monitoring, your home is efficiently looked after too. Have peace of mind knowing your pets can be immediately tracked if they accidentally wander off. Monitor performance data on your next jog or hike without your smartphone tagging along; feel secure without worries about network coverage. IoT is driving growth of innovations in lifestyle and delivering comforts of modern conveniences inexpensively.

Monitor pool water quality

Real-time monitoring of parameters such as corrosion, chlorine overdose, pH level, calcium scaling, temperature and other important data is performed by connected water analyzers. This data is transmitted to the homeowner’s smart phone so that they can track it and efficiently manage their pool.

Package notifications from mailbox

Outdoor sports seem to be witnessing an exponential growth in IoT-enabled monitoring. Sports enthusiasts like runners, hikers, climbers, trekkers, skiers and even paragliding pilots can leave the bother of smartphones behind and still efficiently track their routes. If they find themselves in an emergency situation, the tracker can also be used to send an SOS message.

Bid goodbye to worries of losing your pet

Pets become a part of the family and losing them hits you hard. Thanks to IoT-connected collars you will be in a better position to keep your much-loved pets safe. If your pet happens to venture away from safety of the house, this collar will send you instant notifications. You can quickly get to your pets before they get lost or hurt. These connected pet collars also help in monitoring pet’s movement in the house, their daily activity levels and rest duration.

Track luggage while travelling

When luggage gets lost while travelling, it can really cast a dampener on your holiday or business trip. Fret not; you can use your smartphone to easily check the location of your luggage, or sports goods such as skis or golf clubs if you place an IoT-connected tracker in them.

Keep track of attendance of care workers for older people

An increasing number of older people are largely confined to or choose to stay indoors. With the help of IoT-connected time card readers, you can keep track of the attendance and timings of care workers. This data will provide peace of mind knowing they are being cared for and it also helps automate billing based on time care workers spent in the house. These readers are also fitted with a temperature sensor to alert a neighbour or family member in case of a cold spell or heat wave. It also has an emergency button which is always active; the button can be used by them to request help.

Instant notification on fall detection

Falls are one of the main causes of death and injuries among older and disabled people. An IoT-connected watch can send out an alert in the unfortunate event of a fall or if the person wearing the watch presses the panic button. The embedded GPS chip will also help care workers and family members locate loved ones who suffer from dementia or if they have lost their way.