Agriculture Sector

The hassle of dealing with unreliable data from meteorological reports and weather apps or arduous tasks like manual checking of rain gauges is in the past. Weather conditions monitoring solutions will provide you with the information to enable precise decision-making when it comes to your fields and crops. Take advantage of remote access to real-time, accurate information about temperature changes, wind conditions, rainfall, humidity, and air pressure based on your location. Sabse's IoT solutions enable you to optimally analyze historical data and make well-organized long-term crop management plans.

Accurately keep track of weather conditions

Break free from the shackles of unreliable meteorological reports and weather apps or time-draining activities like checking rain gauges manually. Weather conditions monitoring solutions will provide you with the information to enable precise decision-making when it comes to your fields and crops. Enjoy the convenience of remote access to real-time data on temperature changes, wind conditions, rainfall, humidity, and air pressure based on your location. Take advantage of smart solutions for precision agriculture to greatly improve water utilization, labour management and crop health.
Virtual fence to help track and herd livestock

Managing livestock is difficult and requires constant vigilance but it is impossible for any farmer/rancher to be everywhere at the same time, or so it was thought. It was thought so, not anymore. The changes brought about by IoT solutions have turned impossible into possible! Smart livestock collars enable you to virtually fence and track livestock location through GPS, even while you are away from your farm. Collect real-time data on factors such as speed, stress levels, temperature and location of cattle. Make procedures more efficient, bring down operating expenses and help improve the health and safety of livestock.
Gather data on soil condition

Let the soil from your fields let you in on the secrets that will help them thrive. Soil monitoring sensors will transmit real-time data on factors such as soil temperature, air temperature, and volumetric water content - live from the fields to the Internet. Smart sensors provide information at intervals that be set as per your requirement, making manual readings redundant. These solutions will enable you to efficiently plan and schedule planting time, decrease water usage, and reduce plant stress caused by less watering. Leverage the power of historical data analysis to make strategic crop management plans with a long-term view.
Monitor temperature data of grain stocks

Grain temperature monitors are generally expensive to install, time-intensive to maintain and don't provide data in a productive manner. Smart temperature monitors for grain silos provide farmers with an easier, affordable alternative to monitor the health of their stores. Without any connection to a power source or Wi-Fi, it will remotely deliver temperature measurements. Forget concerns about expensive setups and maintenance, these sensors can be installed within minutes! The data will be delivered in graph and spreadsheets to facilitate simple analysis.
Ensure security of secluded farmhouses and sheds

Security systems with traditional alarms are hard to set up and expensive to maintain on farms and estates situated in far-flung areas. Choose an economical and smart security solution to provide effective security for your farmhouse and distantly located buildings such as sheds and barns. These smart alarm systems do not need to be connected to a power source or Wi-Fi; they are easier to install and offer flexibility to cater to different obstacles faced on remote farmlands.
Ensure gates are secure and dissuade cattle burglars

It is a futile endeavor to deploy traditional gate alarms in rural and remote areas as these systems require cellular network coverage. Smart alarms on the Sabse network can operate even in the extreme corners of a farm or estate. Ensure all your gates are secure and prevent cattle theft with a tough device that is not vulnerable to tampering and is smart enough to distinguish between human and animal movements. You can easily check any of your gates from a single, user-friendly dashboard.
Keep your hives in the best of health

Every morning you can analyze data on your beehives from the convenience of your mobile device or computer. Connected hives provide regular updates on factors such as temperature, humidity, weight and GPS location of the hive. Remotely examine essential figures of your hives to decrease excess mortality rates. Tracking GPS location will help to deter stealing of beehives. View and study gathered information on an easy-to use dashboard.
Keep track of food temperatures throughout the cold chain

IoT solutions created for monitoring cold chains will remotely check temperatures and send real-time alert notifications if the temperature fluctuates outside recommended range. Alerts can be sent on your cellphone to ensure quicker response time and avoid spoiling of food. These solutions will help you preserve the quality of your food products. You will also be able to maintain a strong compliance record.