Sabse’s Secure Network

Security is tight at the device level. The next layer of protection is provided by radio technology. Any communications between the base stations and the Sabse Cloud, as well as the Sabse cloud itself are trusted, secure and scalable. When it comes to the end of the chain, IT platforms used by customers are connected to the Sabse Cloud through HTTPS encrypted interfaces.

Low frequency accuracy constraints on connected devices

A device may randomly transmit anywhere within the operation band. There isn’t any synchronization between the device and the base station.

Greater resistance against interference

To reinforce the security of Sabse transmissions, three kinds of diversity schemes are going to be executed: time diversity, space diversity, and frequency diversity.

Downlink connectivity

Sabse’s downlink process is further fortified. When objects’ ears are closed they cannot listen to anything that may have been transmitted by a hacker. The objects decide when to communicate and at which frequency to do so; this protects them from security threats posed by hackers who may send them misplaced, unattended commands.

Each Sabse ISP team member brings to the table, a wealth of knowledge and valuable industry experience in relevant domains ranging from security by design to active operational measures. Thanks to their expertise and tireless efforts, we successfully manage data protection in motion via measures built in the protocol (authentication, integrity, encryption, anti-replay, anti-jamming) data protection at rest via cryptographic storage of data and credentials in devices, base stations, and Sabse Core Network.